Economics & Politics, Inc. is an economic consulting and research firm located in Southern California.  Our company specializes in the analysis of economic trends, statistical data and job forecasting as well as providing perspicacity on the political and policy issues of one of the significant and fastest growing two county regions in the United States.

Don't miss the 2018 Inland Empire Forecast Conference on March 29th, Thursday at the Ontario Doubletree hotel. For details on the venue and the purchase of tickets, please go to the section for speaking engagements. Come and hear the job forecast for the region by Dr Husing and prepare for a robust new year.
The January 2018 QER examines the national trends and policies that will likely have significant effects on the pace and type of Inland Empire job growth this year, and discusses what their impacts will likely be.
The Husing Audio Podcast Commentary is a new feature which presents audio podcast segments of Dr. John Husing discussing and analyzing basic economic concepts and trends as well as important public policy issues facing the State of California, Southern California counties and the Inland Empire, specifically.  Each segment provides a coherent and comprehensive analysis of pressing topics.
The Adventure Section is now offering trip observations and photos of John Husing's recent excursion to Antarctica.  While you're there, you can pick another continent John has visited and choose an exciting story taken from his journals about his hiking treks and travel adventures around the globe.
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