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This month's QER looks at the difficulties the lack of housing is having for California's residents.  It shows that the income requirements to purchase homes or rent apartments in the SF Bay Area as well as in Southern California's coastal counties have essentially made it impossible for the state's marginally educated families to obtain shelter, unless they already own homes or have long term leases.  The result is to push families to the Central Valley from the SF Bay Area and the Inland Empire in Southern California.  Even those markets are starting to become pricey.  A contributing factor to this difficulty has been the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), whose loose terms are allowing Not In My Back Yard litigants to prevent new residential construction, keeping the supply tight and pushing prices up.   One result has been longer commutes for migrating workers.  It is ironic that legislators who say they are worried about the environment and poverty have failed to deal with the ability of CEQA to cause these issues.

The Husing Audio Podcast Commentary is a new feature which presents audio podcast segments of Dr. John Husing discussing and analyzing basic economic concepts and trends as well as important public policy issues facing the State of California, Southern California counties and the Inland Empire, specifically.  Each segment provides a coherent and comprehensive analysis of pressing topics.
The Adventure Section is now offering trip observations and photos of John Husing's recent excursion to Antarctica.  While you're there, you can pick another continent John has visited and choose an exciting story taken from his journals about his hiking treks and travel adventures around the globe.
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